Who we are.

Welcome to Truman State University Student Alumni Association

Encouraging outreach, connection and philanthropy

As future alumni, current students should have the chance to participate in networking, outreach and philanthropic events just like our alumni across the world! Student Alumni Association aims to connect current students with alumni to encourage networking opportunities, professional development and facilitate philanthropy to benefit students on campus.

Joining Student Alumni Association means becoming a Bulldog Forever.. starting now!

SAA strives to foster pride for our institution, assists and educates our peers on the importance of getting involved as students to be better prepared to give back as alumni! We believe that no act of volunteerism is too small, and a giving spirit can lead to a life of philanthropic action.

The aim is to create personal everlasting connections to Truman State so that excellence can continue for generations of students in the future.

We embrace the culture of our campus, all aspects that make our institution unique.

When we started this organization, we envisioned it as a way of building Bulldog pride while students are at Truman.

Our hope is that the Student Alumni Association will link students back to their pride for Truman in a way that will inspire them to stay connected after graduation and continue their support as Alumni.

-Student Alumni Association Leadership Team